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The View Candidate page is divided into two major sections.

  1. Candidate profile: At the top, you’ll find the candidate’s profile picture and full name, and the options to reach out to them—email and phone.

  2. Candidate tabs: Right below, you’ll see three different tabs: 🪪 Assessments, 🗒️Resume, and ↩️Disposition History.

    View candidate page 1.png

Candidate profile

In addition to viewing the candidate profile and contact details, when you click on the three dots on the far right (…), you can:

View candidate page 2.png

Candidate tabs


The Assessments tab includes all the information related to the candidate's assessment process. In this section, you can:

  1. Select the job that the candidate is being assessed for.
  2. See and change the candidate’s disposition for that job.

  3. Manage the candidate’s assessments: One-way and live video interviews, Questionnaires, and Reference checks.

    • See the assessment status—Requested, canceled, expired, still in progress, completed.
    • Share interviews using Basic share links or Advanced share links.
    • View information and perform actions specific to each assessment type—This includes accessing evaluations and feedback from references, rating interviews, reviewing answers to questionnaires, and rescheduling, downloading, cloning, or deleting interviews, among others. From here, you’ll be able to review feedback from both interviewers (using Basic share links) and external reviewers (using Advanced share links).

View candidate page 3.png

Update a candidate’s disposition

  1. From the Assessments tab on the candidate’s profile, select the job you want to enter a candidate disposition for and click Set disposition.

    Enter a candidate disposition 5.png

  2. You’ll be prompted to select the candidate’s disposition: Hired or Rejected.

    • Hired: When you mark a candidate as Hired, you’ll choose whether this is an internal hire (for your organization) or external hire (for a client you’re placing the candidate with). If you select External, you’ll have the option to enter the placement fee (amount and currency) earned so your recruiting firm can track its revenue influenced by Spark Hire.

      Enter a candidate disposition 2.png

    • Rejected: When you mark a candidate as Rejected, you’ll be prompted to enter a rejection reason. Start typing in the input field to select an existing rejection reason or to enter a new one.

      Enter a candidate disposition 3.png

    • If you choose to edit the message, you can make your changes directly in the email or select a different template.
    • If you opt not to edit the message, the email template assigned as your default in your email template library will be used.
  3. Choose whether you want to notify the candidate by email.
    Enter a candidate disposition 4.png
  4. Click Set disposition.

Share interviews using Basic share links

Basic share links allow you to share an interview with someone without them being required to log in. This type of link is available for any active customer.

  1. From the Assessments tab, select the Share button under the video interview.

    View candidate page 6.png

  2. Under Basic share link, select Generate Link. A basic share link will be automatically created so you can copy by clicking 🔗Copy and paste it wherever you need.

    View candidate page 7.png

💡 Tip: Learn more about Basic share links.

Share interviews using Advanced share links

Advanced share links offer enhanced functionality exclusively available with Spark Hire's Pro, Growth, and Enterprise plans. Learn how to create Advanced share links.


The Resume tab allows you to see and manage the candidate’s resume.

View candidate page 4.png

💡 Tip: Learn more about adding or updating a candidate’s resume.

Disposition History

The Disposition History tab includes all the information related to the disposition history of the candidate: Job status, Hire type, Rejection reason (if any), Fee, person who created the disposition, and time of creation.

View candidate page 5.png

💡 Tip: Learn more about candidates’ dispositions.


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