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Laura Dominoni
Laura Dominoni
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Basic Share Links offer a straightforward method for sharing interviews with:

  • Candidates: Providing them access to complete their interviews.
  • Reviewers: Granting access to view the interview, though they cannot provide feedback or leave comments.

These links streamline the sharing process, eliminating the need for recipients to log in to Spark Hire to view the interview. However, for added security, you can enhance your Basic share link with a passcode.

💡 Tip: Learn about Advanced share links.

Create a Basic share link

Basic share links are typically generated via the View Interview page, however, you can also create them directly from the View Candidate page.

  1. When reviewing a One-Way or Live Interview, click the Share tab above the interview questions.

    Share basic links 1.png

  2. Select whether or not you want the link to be protected by a passcode. You can use the random passcode generated by Spark Hire or create your own by typing in the input box.

    Share basic links 2.png

  3. Click Create. A basic share link will be automatically created so you can copy and paste it wherever you need.

    Share basic links 3.png
🗒️ Note: You can edit or delete Basic share links at any time. If you edit the link, you’ll be able to modify the password as well.

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