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Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Basic Link: This type of link is available for any active customer. Creating a Basic Link enables you to share an interview with someone and not require them to log in to view the interview. That said, you are still able to add a passcode to your basic share links.

Creating a Basic Link

  1. When reviewing a One-Way or Live Interview, click the Share button above the interview questions.
  2. Select Create basic share link.
  3. If you haven't created a Basic Link, select whether or not you want it to be protected by a passcode. You can use the random passcode generated by Spark Hire or create your own by typing in the input box.

  4. Click Create Link.
  5. Your link will be instantly created and now you can copy, paste, and share it with anyone. Clicking Copy share link information to clipboard will copy the share link url along with the passcode if you created one for the link.

You can turn off the passcode or modify it at any time and save your changes.

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