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Laura Dominoni
Laura Dominoni
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Plan: Pro, Growth, and Enterprise

While Basic share links simplify interview sharing, Advanced share links offer enhanced functionality exclusively available with Spark Hire's Pro, Growth, and Enterprise plans. With Advanced Links, you can:

  • Share many interviews simultaneously by creating shortlists of candidates for the hiring manager.
  • Get real-time notifications when receivers open your link.
  • Allow reviewers to provide feedback directly through the link.
  • Customize the content displayed on the shared page and provide search, filter, and sorting tools for your reviewers
  • Customize the message sent to reviewers.
  • Set expiration times for your links.
  • Share candidates' pre-interview questionnaire responses and resumes with reviewers.

Create an Advanced share link

  1. Advanced share links are typically generated via the View Interview page, however, you can also create them directly from the View Candidate page.

    • From the View interview page: Navigate to Interviews > View interviews, select the interviews you want to share, and click the Share icon below the filters.

      Share advanced links 1.png

    • From the View candidate page:

      • Click the Assessments tab and select the Share button under the video interview.

        Share Advanced links 2.png

      • Under Advanced share link, select Create new ↗️.

      Share Advanced links 3.png

    Regardless of your choice, you’ll be redirected to the Create Share Link page.

  2. Add a title for your advanced share link: Think of it like a mini description.

    • This is only visible in your account and not to the reviewers you're sharing the interviews with.
    • This will help you organize the interviews when creating shortlists of candidates.

    Share advanced links 4.png

  3. Enter the name and email address of each reviewer.

    Share advanced links 5.png

  4. Customize link settings to decide what information to show or hide on the shared page.

    • Abbreviate names: Display only the first names of your candidates when sharing their interviews.
    • Omit avatars: Remove candidate avatar images on the shared page.
    • Exclude full profiles: Keep candidate profile or resume information from appearing on the shared page.
    • Hide skipped questions: Remove questions skipped by the candidate during their interview from the shared videos.
    • Disable feedback: Prevent reviewers from leaving ratings and comments by selecting this option.
    • Mask questionnaire: Keep the candidate's pre-interview questionnaire answers hidden from reviewers by checking this option.

    Share advanced links 6.png

  5. Select whether you want the Advanced Link to automatically expire and specify the desired number of days or weeks for expiration from the current date. Then, choose if you'd like to add a passcode to protect your share link.

    Share advanced links 7.png

  6. Decide whether you want to automatically send an email to each reviewer.

    • Opting for Yes will trigger an email to be sent to all reviewers. You can modify the content that's loaded by default or select an email template from your email template library.
    • If you choose No, you'll need to manually send a link to each reviewer.

    Share advanced links 8.png

  7. Click Create links. A unique link will be generated for each reviewer you share interviews with:

    • The unique link is tracked, ensuring you receive an email notification when the reviewer opens it.
    • The unique link is tied to the reviewer, enabling them to submit a review on the interview.
  8. Once the links are generated, click the clipboard icon under Action to copy the share link URL and the passcode (if generated).

    Share advanced links 9.png

💡 Tip: Learn more about managing sharing links.

Add multiple interviews to an Advanced share link

Advanced share links allow you to share many interviews simultaneously by setting shortlists of candidates. To simplify this process, make sure to add a title to your Advanced share links when creating them.

  1. From the View candidate page, click the Assessments tab and select the Share button under the video interview.

  2. Under Advanced share link, click Add to Advanced share link and select the title of the Advanced share link you’d like to add the interview to.

    Share advanced links 10.png

  3. Click Save.

    Share advanced links 11.png

Remove interviews from an Advanced Share Link

To remove the interview from the current shortlist or include it in another one, simply click again on the Add to Advanced share link dropdown and uncheck the box of the current shortlist or check the box of a new one.

Share advanced links 12.png

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