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Add or update a candidate's profile picture

Laura Dominoni
Laura Dominoni
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Add a new candidate avatar

To add a candidate's avatar or profile picture:

  1. Navigate to the relevant candidate profile by clicking their name anywhere in the platform (a good place to start is the View Jobs or View Interview tabs).

  2. Click on the empty avatar picture. The Edit profile picture screen will pop up.

    Updating a candidate's avatar 1.png
  3. Click Select file or drag and drop your file into the uploader.
    • Only .jpg or .png files with a maximum size of 50MB are accepted.Updating a candidate's avatar 2.png
  4. Once processing is complete, you'll be able to crop and rotate the image. When you're happy with the cropped version, click Finish.

    Updating a candidate's avatar 3.png

Update a candidate’s avatar

If you already have an avatar picture on file for the candidate, click on the candidate’s avatar, select or drag and drop a new image into the uploader next to the existing avatar to overwrite the previous one, and click Close.

Updating a candidate's avatar 4.png

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