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Enter a candidate's disposition

Laura Dominoni
Laura Dominoni
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A candidate disposition helps you keep track of whether you've hired or rejected a candidate for a particular job. Since candidates may go through multiple interviews with you on Spark Hire, the disposition serves as your final decision.

📝 Note: You can update a candidate's disposition whenever you need to. The candidate’s disposition history will be visible to everyone with access to that candidate on your account.

Individual update of candidate dispositions

Candidates’ dispositions are typically updated while evaluating an interview, however, you can also set them directly from the View Candidate page.

  1. In the interview evaluation form (during an interview evaluation), under Do you want to enter a disposition for this candidate?, click Yes.

    Enter a candidate disposition 1.png

  2. You’ll be prompted to select the candidate’s disposition: Hired or Rejected.

    • Hired: When you mark a candidate as Hired, you’ll choose whether this is an internal hire (for your organization) or external hire (for a client you’re placing the candidate with). If you select External, you’ll have the option to enter the placement fee (amount and currency) earned so your recruiting firm can track its revenue influenced by Spark Hire.

      Enter a candidate disposition 2.png

    • Rejected: When you mark a candidate as Rejected, you’ll be prompted to enter a rejection reason. Start typing in the input field to select an existing rejection reason or to enter a new one.

      Enter a candidate disposition 3.png

  3. Choose whether you want to notify the candidate by email.

    • If you choose to edit it, you can make your changes directly in the email or select a different template. If you opt not to edit it, the email template assigned as your default in your email template library will be used.

    Enter a candidate disposition 4.png

  4. Click Save evaluation.

Bulk update of candidate dispositions

⚠️ Important: If you bulk update candidate dispositions, the disposition information will be applied to all the candidates that you select.
  1. Navigate to the relevant job.

  2. Select all the candidates for which you want to update the disposition.

  3. Click Update dispositions under the filters dropdown.

    Enter a candidate disposition 6.png

  4. Select the candidates’ dispositions: Hired or Rejected.

  5. Choose whether you want to notify the candidate by email.

  6. Click Save disposition.

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