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What is a video request?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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A video request lets you empower someone else to add a video to your library. The recipient of a video request can record or upload a video which you can then use throughout Spark Hire.

Below are some examples of videos you might want to request from different team members and how they can be utilized.

When you are ready to send a video request, follow these instructions.

Candidate Experience
Integrate different team members into your video interview experience so candidates get a feel for the people at your organization.

  • Intro/outro videos from hiring managers (or other team members)
  • Video questions from hiring managers (or other team members)
  • Video messages from hiring managers (or other team members)

Employer Branding (send as video messages)
Use video content to impress potential hires with your organization throughout different phases of your hiring process.

  • Hiring managers pitching the job/company
  • Video testimonials from employees

Employee Engagement  (send as video messages)
Keep team members motivated and engaged while working remotely.

  • Video updates from team members
  • Videos to welcome new team members
  • Videos recognizing team members for good work

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