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Create interview question sets

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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While you can save interview question sets and fine tune who can access them as you create interviews, you can also create them from your question set library.

This is the best way to create interview question sets if you want to build out a lot of them at once or if you want to set up your question sets before you start inviting candidates to interviews.


Go to your Question Set Library.

Click Create new question set.



Enter a name for the question set you're creating and select the type of interview you plan to use it for and click Continue.


On the following screen, enter the questions under "Add a question" and click the "+" icon to add the question to the set


Questions can also be added from the Sets, Custom Questions, and Suggestions tabs within the Question Bank.





Set the question properties; Number of allowed takes, response time limit, and think time limit



Click Continue to proceed to set permissions for the question set.


Permissions can be set to allow everyone, only the manager of the question set, or specific people.




Once permissions are set, click Create question set.  The question set will now be available to use under the Sets tab in the Question Bank.

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