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Uploading a video to your library

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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From your video library page, click Upload Videos.

Next, click Select files to choose which videos you want to upload from your computer or simply drag and drop the files into the uploader.

Your upload will begin immediately and you'll be able to see its progress.

  • If you want to pause the upload, click Pause. To resume a paused upload, click Resume.
  • If you need to cancel the upload, click Cancel.

A progress bar will show you how far along your upload is.

Do not navigate away from the page when a video is marked as Queued or Uploading.

When the video finishes uploading, it will go into a processing stage. While it's processing, you'll be able to change the video name, description, and type.

To do this, click More and the properties will dropdown so you can modify them.

  • Video Name: The video name should be something that makes the video instantly recognizable when viewing it in a list of other videos. When viewing your video library, the video name is what will identify it.
  • Video Description: The video description is only visible when you’re editing the video. It’s meant to serve as an internal note to remind you about the content of the video.
  • Video Type: Classifying a video as a specific type makes it easy to categorize videos and pull them up using filters in the video library or when selecting a video as part of a feature (e.g. adding an intro video from your video library.)

When you're satisfied with your video properties, click Save.

You're free to navigate away from the page when a video is still processing, but the video will not be available until the processing is completed. For context, the time it'll take to process the video is usually equivalent to the length of the video.

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