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Sending Video Requests

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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1. Navigate to your Video Library, click on Add video, and select Request video.

2. This will bring you to the Create Video Request page.

3. First, enter the names and email addresses of those you would like to complete the video request in the Recipients section (labeled A in the screenshot below).

4. Next, type a Headline (labeled B in the screenshot below) which will appear at the top of the page when the recipient submits a video. Think of this like a page title.

5. Under Details (labeled C in the screenshot below), you can add more specific instructions for the video prompt.

6. Optionally, you can pre-configure the video properties (labeled D in the screenshot below) for the video that’s submitted by the recipient. This is a helpful option as it allows you to choose how the video will be saved in your library (video name, description, and type).

7. If you want to modify your email content or choose another template, select Yes under Do you want to modify the email invitation that will be sent? (labeled E in the screenshot below).

8. Lastly, choose an expiration timeframe (labeled F in the screenshot below) by selecting the number of days or weeks you want the request to expire in relative to when you send it. By default, video requests expire in 14 days.

9. Once finished, click on Request video (labeled G in the screenshot below) to send the video request to the recipient(s).





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