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Closed Captions on Video Library Content

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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In your Video Library, you have the option to toggle on and off closed captions for your videos.  Videos here can be used for intro and outro videos, as well as video questions and video messages.


In the event the video was recorded or uploaded prior to enabling this feature, you will have the option to generate captions.


Single Video


To generate captions for a single video, navigate to your Video Library and click on View for the video you would like to have captions generated for.


At the bottom of the screen, click the toggle switch that says Generate captions.


This typically takes about half as long as the length of the video. Refresh the page to return to a video with closed captions.


With closed captions generated, you will now have an option to toggle the captions on and off at the bottom of the View Video screen.


Multiple Videos


To generate captions for multiple videos, navigate to your Video Library and click the checkboxes for the videos you would like to generate closed captions for.


Next, click on the Generate captions bulk action icon, at the top of the videos list.

A modal will appear asking you to confirm that you’re sure you want to generate captions for these videos and noting that videos that already have captions will be ignored.  Here, click on Generate captions.

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