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Embed a video from your Video Library

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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When you save a video to your Video Library, you have the ability to copy some HTML code to embed it on your website.

To embed a video from your Video Library, find the video you want to embed and click the </> icon. This will open a modal which will allow you copy the code you need.

When the modal opens, you'll need to enabled embedding for the video. Click Enable and you'll be presented with the embed code.

If you'd like the video to automatically start playing when the page it's embedded on is loaded, check the box that says Auto-play.

You can highlight the embed code and copy it or click the icon that looks like a link to copy it to your clipboard.

The HTML code you have copied is now ready to be pasted into the code of the page you want to embed it on.

If you want to disable the embed code for a video, you can always go back to your Video Library, click the </> icon, and then click Disable.

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