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Mobile Live Interview Best Practices

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Mobile Live Interviews are compatible on Android and iOS devices running the latest version of Google Chrome (Android) and Safari (iOS).


 We highly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for Live Interviews as mobile devices/networks can be very unpredictable.


If you do take part in a Live Interview on a mobile device, we suggest following these best practices:

 -Charge your device.

Video streaming puts a lot of strain on your device's battery. We highly recommend keeping your device plugged into a charger when participating in an interview.

 -Connect to WiFi.

Video streaming requires a lot of data. We highly recommend connecting to a WiFi network to avoid using the data on your mobile device plan.

 -Stabilize your device.

Do your best to limit the movement of your device during the interview to achieve the best quality.

 -Use headphones.

We suggest using headphones during your interview to avoid echoing and feedback to achieve the best sound quality.


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