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Video Troubleshooting in Live Interview

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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The following 4 factors are the most important ones to consider when optimizing your live video interview experience.

1. Browser
2. Internet Connection
3. Selecting A Webcam
4. Other Applications

2. Browser

We recommend using the latest version of one of these browsers:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge (Windows only)

Safari (iOS only)

2. Internet Connection

 A good internet connection is required for a successful Live Interview. It is suggested that you are directly connected to the internet through a cable not via WiFi. Using a direct connection will ensure that you have the best possible bandwidth available and reduces latency issues to a minimum. This will result in better picture and audio quality.
If using an Android or iOS mobile device, we suggest being connected to WiFi rather than a mobile data connection.

3. Selecting A Webcam
  • When selecting a webcam, make sure you can see yourself in the video preview before you enter a Live Interview.
  • Ensure your webcam is properly installed on your computer before participating in a Live Interview.

4. Other Applications

Close applications other than Spark Hire that use your webcam and microphone. These applications such as Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom may interfere with Spark Hire's ability to leverage your webcam and microphone.

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