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How interview tags work

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Tags help you organize your interviews into specific and customizable categories.  

They are similar to folders except you can apply multiple tags to a single interview.

It's also a great way to declutter your interviews page as your default view is "Untagged". Thus, when you load your Interviews page, you'll see all interviews that don't have any tags applied to them. Applying a tag to an interview removes it from this default view.
Some examples of ways to use tags to organize interviews include:
  • By Department/Function (e.g. Sales, Marketing, K-12, etc.)
  • By Location/Region/Branch (e.g. Northwest, Scranton Branch, Chicago Office, etc.)
  • By Hiring Manager/Client (e.g. Submitted to Hiring Manager, Submitted to Client, etc.)
There are two ways to tag an interview:

From the interviews page

1. Select the interview(s) you want to tag.
2. Click the tag icon that appears at the top of your interviews page.

3. In the modal that appears, you'll see a text input field which says Start typing a tag name. When you start typing a name of one of your tags, the text input will display tags that match what you're typing. Click one of the tag names in the drop down to apply it.
4. When you've entered and selected all of the tags you want to apply to the interview(s) you selected, click Save.

While watching an interview

1. Click the tag icon that appears on the top right of the interview playback page.

2. Check the tags you want to apply to the interview.

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