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Customizing your scheduler emails

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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To edit your emails, go to the email template library.

Scheduling Invite: This is used when you send scheduler links in bulk.
Scheduling Approved: This is sent to the requester when you approve an event.
Scheduling Declined: This is sent to the requester when you decline an event.
Scheduling Canceled: This is sent to the requester when you cancel an event.
Scheduling Rescheduled: This is sent to the requester when you want to reschedule an event. It will contain a link to your scheduler page so the requester can select a new time.

To create a new scheduler email template, click Create new email template and follow these instructions.

To edit one of your scheduler email templates, find the email template in your email template library, click Edit, and follow these instructions.

You can also set default email templates for different scheduler actions by following these instructions.

Using your scheduler email templates

Once you've created email templates for the scheduler actions, you can choose to use them when performing an action such as approving a request.

If you have selected a default email template for a specific scheduler email type, it will automatically load when you go to perform a scheduler action, but you still have the ability to modify it or choose another template.

To choose another template, click the button that says Select Email Template.


A modal will appear and it will contain all of the email templates you've set up for the specific action you're taking.

Check the box next to the template you want to choose and click Select.


Your email template will then populate the content on the page and when you finish taking the scheduler action, this is the content that will send.

We also recommend clicking View Preview to see what your email will look like before sending.

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