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Connecting your calendars

Jason Brown
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Initial Setup

After getting your scheduler link, you'll be prompted to connect a calendar.

Choose your calendar application from the options that are presented to you:

  • iCloud
  • Google
  • Office365
  • Exchange

You'll be asked to log in to your calendar application and authorize Spark Hire to access certain information in order to sync your availability.

When you're finished connecting your calendar, you'll be taken to the General Setup page for the scheduler feature. Here you'll see a list of your connected calendars. Keep in mind that when you connect your calendar, Spark Hire will also pull in any calendars you are shared on.

After Initial Setup

On the General Setup page, you'll see a list of all your connected calendars.

In order for a calendar to factor into your availability, it must be marked as an active calendar. To do this, check the box next to the calendar you want to be active. 

If you want to keep a calendar connected to Spark Hire, but don't want it to be factored into your availability, uncheck the box next to that calendar.

To reconnect your calendars, click Reconnect Calendars. It's important to note that this will overwrite your calendars so calendars that you've previously removed or deactivated will be re-added.

When you're satisfied with the settings for your connected calendars, click Save.

Removing Calendars

To remove a calendar, click the x icon to the right of it in your list of connected calendars. A modal will appear and ask you to confirm that you want to remove that calendar.

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