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Interview tags sharing settings

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Sharing your interview tags with other users is an easy way to share a group of interviews with another member of your interviewing team.

When creating or editing a tag, you'll notice that you can share it with "Only me", "Everyone", or "Specific people".

Only me: Only you'll have access to this tag. This doesn't mean interviews with this tag won't be visible to other users--it only means this tag won't be available to other users. Select this option if you're creating a tag for your own organizational purposes and don't want to clutter your other users' tag list.

Everyone: This shares the tag with everyone. Keep in mind that users who have access to your shared tag can add and remove interviews from it, but can't change the settings such as the tag name or sharing settings.

Specific people: This option allows you to share the tag you created with specific users on your company's account. This is a nice option if you want to organize a group of interviews for a specific set of people. When you have selected the Specific people option, start typing a user's name in the text box that appears. Users from your account will get auto-populated in a drop down menu.  When you see the user you want to share the tag with in the drop down, click their name and you'll see them get added. Click their name again if you want to remove a user's access to the tag.

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