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User permissions are settings that you set up for a specific job. This allows you to select which users can access interviews and information related to that job.
For example, users who don’t have permissions for a job won’t be able to:
  • See the job
  • Edit the job
  • View or create interviews for the job
  • View or create One-Way Interview links for the job
  • View or create share links for the job
  • View analytics reports for the job

Default permissions

As an Administrator user, you can set default user permissions for all new jobs created on your account.

When users create a job, they default permissions you configure will be pre-selected, but they will still have the ability to change them.

Setting up default permissions is helpful if your users tend to use the same permissions every time they create a job. It will save them a couple of clicks.

To configure default permissions, go to Jobs > Default Settings > Default Permissions and make your desired selections.

Keep in mind that updating your default permissions doesn't change the permissions on previously created jobs.

Setting up permissions on a job

There are a few settings for User Permissions:
The setting for Everyone means that any user on the account will have access to information related to the job.
Manager Only
The term ‘Manager’ refers to the manager of the job. By default, the Manager is the user that initially created the job. Administrator users can change the manager of the job at any time. If the setting for Manager only is selected, only the manager of the job along with any Administrator users will have access to information related to the job.
Specific people
The setting for Specific people enables you to select specific users or user groups to have access to information related to the job.

When you create a job, you'll be prompted to edit the permissions as the last step.

Once the job is already created, click on View on the job card and then on the Permissions tab.


Upon clicking the Permissions tab, the user permissions settings will appear.


Only users who have the user role of Administrator will be able to select a different Manager for the job.

To modify the user permissions settings, simply click the radio button next to the setting you prefer.

If you select the option for specific people, start typing the names of users and/or groups you'd like to give permissions to.


When you find the user or group you'd like to give permissions to, click their name and they'll be added.


When you're done, click Save.

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