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Introduction to video messaging

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Our video messaging feature empowers you to create personalized and branded videos at scale.

What does a video message consist of?

A video message consists of one or more videos along with any supporting content you want to add. For example, you can add a headline and supporting text to add some additional information for the recipients of your video message. Files can be included in video messages as well.

Supported file types include: .pdf, .png, .jpg, .doc, .docx

The video message you create gets embedded on a page that matches your company's brand settings.

There are two types of video messages:

Public Video Message

If you want to create a general link for a video message that's intended to be viewed by multiple people, you'll want to create a Public Video Message. 

The video message will be viewable to anyone that you share the link with although you can make it expire at any time.

Private Video Message

If you want to create a link for a video message that's tied to a specific recipient so it can be tracked when they open it, you'll want to create a Private Video Message.

The main difference between Public and Private Video Messages is that Public Video Messages don't have specific recipients whereas Private Video Messages require you to specify recipients so unique tracking links can be created for those individuals.




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