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Managing your video messages

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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When viewing a list of your video messages, you have several different actions you can take:

    • Preview: Clicking this will play the first video included in the message. If multiple videos are included, the first video will play.
    • Edit: To edit your video message, click Edit from your list of video messages and follow these steps.
    • Activate/Deactivate: Find the video message you want to activate/deactivate and click the option to activate/deactivate it.
    • Update the expiration date: You can change the expiration settings for a video message by clicking the option to update the expiration date. A modal will appear and you can choose whether or not you want it to expire and how long you want it active for.
    • Resend: Send the recipients another email containing the video message.This is available for private messages only.
  • Clone: You can create a copy of the video message.  Cloning a private message will prompt you to add new recipients to send to.
  • Delete: To delete a video message, find the one you want to delete and click the option to delete it. You can restore deleted video messages by going to your list of deleted video messages.

Filtering options

When you start to accumulate a lot of video messages, the filtering can come in handy.


  • Active
  • Inactive


  • Public
  • Private


  • Opened
  • Unopened
  • Expires
  • Doesn't Expire

Sorting options


  • Recipient: Sort alphabetically by the names of your video message recipients. Video messages with no recipients will always show at the bottom when this sorting option is applied.
  • Status: Sort by active/inactive statuses
  • Expires at: Sort chronologically according to the expiration date that's set for your video messages. Video messages with no expiration will always appear at the bottom when this sorting option is applied.
  • Created at: Sort chronologically according to the creation date for your video messages.

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