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Create a Private Video Message

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Go to your video messages and click New video message.

Enter a Video Message Label so it's easy for you to identify this video message in a list and select Private as the type. Click Continue.

The first step when building your video message is to select which video you'd like to use. Click Select or record a video. You're then presented with two options:

  • Record New Video: This will let you use the Spark Hire video recorder to create a new video.
  • Select From Library: This will open a list of all the videos in your video library so you can select one you've previously added to Spark Hire.

Once you've selected the video(s) to use, you can add a headline and supporting content. These are optional, but allow you to customize the content that surrounds your video message.

If you’ve included multiple videos, you will be able to manage them from the Video Playlist.  Here, you can re-order the videos, add, remove, and edit videos.

To add a headline, click inside the text area that says Add a headline for this video message (optional).

To add supporting content, click inside the text area that says Add supporting content for this video message (optional).

Beneath the supporting content, you will have the option to include a file.  To do this, click on the switch next to Attach a file to this video message.  This will then allow you to add a file to the video message.

Supported file types include: .pdf, .png, .jpg, .doc, .docx

To help you scale your video messaging strategy, you have the ability to merge recipient information into your Private Video Messages (since Public Video Messages don't have specific recipients.)

When editing the text for your headline or supporting content, type a left curly bracket like this { and you'll see options to select Recipient Name or Recipient Email. Select one of these options using the arrows on your keyboard and hit enter. You'll see the merged information appear in your content.

When you create the Private Video Message, this information will get replaced with the Recipient Name or Recipient Email respectively.

Use this tool to personalize one-to-many videos for your recipients!

When you're satisfied with your video message, click Continue.

The final steps for creating your Private Video Message are to choose whether or not you want it to expire, add your recipients, and customize the email that is sent.

Select your desired expiration settings and then enter the name(s) and email(s) of the recipients for this Private Video Message.

*You can also add Private Video Message recipients by selecting candidates from your list of interviews and clicking the Send video message icon.*

A separate Private Video Message link will be generated for each recipient so they can be tracked.

Choose whether or not you want an email to also be generated to each recipient with a link to the video message.

If you select no, you'll need to copy and paste the Private Video Message links to each of your recipients one at a time. The benefit of this is that you have more control of where/how you deliver it.

If you choose yes, you'll have the ability to customize the email content that is sent to your recipients.

You can create email templates for your video messages in your email template library.

To use one of your previously created email templates, click Select Email Template and then choose the one you want to send.

We always recommend clicking View Preview to see what the email will look like before officially sending.

Click Create video message and all of the Private Video Messages will be created.

You can start sharing the Private Video Messages by copying the URL that appears in the Link column for each recipient. Make sure the link you share matches up with the recipient it is meant for.

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