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How to set up the integration with AkkenCloud

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Using the integration between Spark Hire and AkkenCloud, you’re able to:

  • Send candidates invitations to one-way and live video interviews in AkkenCloud
  • Watch and review recorded video interviews directly from your AkkenCloud account and share these interviews with your clients

Setting up the Integration:

  1. Log in to your Spark Hire account.
  2. Go to the Integrations page for AkkenCloud within your Spark Hire settings.
  3. Click Activate Integration. 
  4. Your User API Key will be generated. 
  5. Send an email to with the subject as Activate AkkenCloud Integration.

Process Steps:

  1. Submit the candidate that you'd like to invite to a video interview to the Short List for the job order.
  2. From the Short List, select the candidate(s) who you would like to invite for the video interview
  3. Select Integrated Services > Setup Video Interview


  4. Select your video interview details and Save to create the interview and send it to the candidate from your organization via Spark Hire.

    1. The Video Type for the interview (one-way or live)
    2. The Spark Hire question set you want to use for the interview
    3. The Deadline (one-way) or the date and time you plan to connect with the candidate (live)


  5. The interview will now show as Requested in AkkenCloud in the Short List under Integrated Services > Manage Video Interviews


  6. Once the candidate has completed the video interview, you'll be provided with the Basic Share Link for the interview.  You can copy and paste this link to share with anyone you'd like.


  7. You can also create an Advanced Share Link to share multiple candidate interviews with a single reviewer.
    1. Select a reviewer to share with
    2. Select as many completed candidate interviews as you'd like to share
    3. Click to Share Interview


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