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Clone a Job

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Visit your Jobs page.  Find the job you want to clone, and click the Clone Job icon.


After clicking this icon, a modal will appear asking you to confirm you’d like to clone this job.

If the original job has an Open Interview Link associated with it, you have the option to clone the Open Interview as well.

Check the box marked Clone the open interview as well


Click Create a job.  The job will be cloned and you will be taken to the cloned job to edit it.


Review the Job Details. Note: the word "copy" is added to the end of the cloned job title. Click Save and Continue.

To add Candidate Experience videos, follow these steps. When ready, click Save and Continue.

Modify the user permissions you've set up for the job and click Save as Active.

You may also choose to Save as Inactive which will save the job as a draft and will not use a job slot.


 If you chose to clone an Open Interview, you will need to activate it before sending it to candidates.  Click Edit and make any necessary changes to the link.

Click Save as Active to activate the link.

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