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How to set up the integration with SnapHire

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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In order to integrate SnapHire and Spark Hire, you must first have a SnapHire site provisioned for your organization, including access to the SnapHire Marketplace (Apps tab). The SnapHire Client Success Team will configure this as part of your organization's implementation.

Before proceeding with the following instructions, please review these prerequisites:

  • Installation of SnapHire
  • Installation of the Assessment Hub App is a prerequisite for successfully using this integration.
  • To find out more about the Assessment Hub, please click here.
  • Ensure you have the ability to ‘Manage apps’ for your SnapHire organization.
  • Ensure you are granted the SnapHire permissions;
    • Can manage Assessment Hub views
    • Can manage bucket views
  • Ensure your Spark Hire account is set to ‘Administrator’ so that you can link your Spark Hire account to SnapHire.

Setting up the integration

  1. Log in to your Spark Hire account
  2. Go to the Integrations page for SnapHire within your Spark Hire settings
  3. Click Activate Integration below and copy your API key.
  4. Go to the SnapHire Marketplace (Apps tab) via your SnapHire site and sign in to your account. Search or browse for the Spark Hire app. Open the Spark Hire app and click the Install button and confirm by clicking Ok.
  5. After the app has completed installation, please review the app for further setup requirements.
  6. Open the app and click on the SETUP REQUIRED button.
  7. This should launch further setup requirements and will ask for the API key you copied earlier
  8. Once the setup has been completed, your Spark Hire interview(s) will be available in the Assessment Hub for you to configure.

Every user that plans to use the integration to start a Spark Hire interview will need to add their API key. 

You will need a Spark Hire account and will be asked for your API key during the install process. Please work with the Spark Hire team to obtain your API key.

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