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How to introduce one-way video interviews to your hiring managers

Josh Tolan
Josh Tolan
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With any new hiring initiative, getting buy-in from your managers is critical.

One determination to make is how you’ll engage your hiring managers in the process (and this may vary from job to job!)

Knowing how hiring managers will interact with video interviews will help you know if you need to add them as users and apply permissions to specific jobs OR if you’ll simply share interviews with them.

Either way, we highly recommend sharing an exciting announcement with hiring managers to get them familiar with Spark Hire well ahead of when they’re actually reviewing video interviews.

You’ll want to address:

  • What problems will Spark Hire solve for us?
  • How will Spark Hire solve those problems?
  • What’s in it for the hiring managers?
  • What do you need from the hiring managers?

We’ve seen customers do this announcement in mass emails to hiring managers, personal communication with hiring managers, all-hands meetings, and more.

Resources for hiring managers

For you to answer

Answers to these questions are important to customize for your organization, but generally, hiring managers will gain a solid understanding of one-way video interviews from the resources above.

  • When will we use video interviews in our hiring process?
  • Why did we decide to utilize video interviews?

Example content

We’ve created some content to help you answer the questions above for hiring managers based on a few different scenarios you may be using one-way video interviews for.

Increasing capacity for high volume

“Based on our current team structure and hiring workload, there’s simply not enough time in the day for us to effectively interview all qualified candidates for our open roles.

Spark Hire will help us solve this problem with the use of one-way video interviews in which candidates record video responses to our interview questions on their own time.

This will allow us to interview significantly more people in less time which results in a wider talent pool and faster time to hire for the open positions on your team.”

Improving the quality of hiring manager interviews

“In an effort to improve the quality of candidates that you end up meeting with later in our hiring process, we’re implementing Spark Hire as a quality check.

With Spark Hire’s one-way video interview solution, candidates will record video responses to our interview questions on their own time. We can then share these video interviews so we can collectively decide on who to move forward with.

This ensures that we’re only setting up final interviews between you and candidates that we’ve all deemed to be a solid investment of time and resources.”

Reducing steps in the hiring process

“As a collective hiring team, we’re finding that we spend too much time on multiple rounds of interviews in the hiring process. This is causing our hiring process to take too long which isn’t competitive in today’s market.

To fix this, we’re launching a platform called Spark Hire which will empower us to have candidates record video responses to our interview questions on their own time.

We can then review and share these Spark Hire interviews internally to consolidate the number of times we meet with candidates putting time back in your day and shortening our time to hire.”

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