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What is an intro call and when/how should you use it?

Josh Tolan
Josh Tolan
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An intro call is a 10-15 minute call between a candidate and someone from the HR/talent acquisition team. It’s a way to offer a white-glove candidate experience when your calendar affords you the opportunity. This call is not a typical “phone screen.” Instead, it’s more focused on ensuring there’s alignment with the candidate to move forward in the process.

Here’s how to structure your intro call:

  • Give brief overview of the organization and the role
  • Highlight 3 unique things about the opportunity
  • Provide transparency on compensation
  • Define the hiring process and timelines
  • Let the candidate ask some questions
  • Introduce the next steps (one-way interview)
    • How it works
    • Why you’re using it
    • The benefits for the candidate
    • What happens when they complete it?

Organizations that implement an intro call typically see higher interview conversion rates. The more communication you have with candidates before any step in your hiring process, the higher the likelihood they continue through that next step and vice versa. It’s important to set these expectations so you can prioritize the way that Spark Hire is integrated into your hiring process.

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