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How to run a hiring kickoff meeting

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We strongly recommend setting up a hiring kickoff meeting each time you hire for a role.

A hiring kickoff meeting is a meeting between all the parties involved in hiring for a specific job to collaborate on the end-to-end hiring process that will be followed.

While there are a variety of topics to cover during a hiring kickoff meeting, the most important things to discuss as it relates to your use of Spark Hire include:

Who is doing what? (and related expectations)

Below are some things you’ll want to answer and incorporate into a hiring SLA.

  • Who is sending out Spark Hire invitations?
  • Who is reviewing completed interviews?
  • If sharing is needed, who is responsible for sharing?
  • How will feedback be communication? From who to who?
  • And, what is the expected timeline for each of these actions?

See an example Hiring SLA and watch the video below from a Spark Hire customer below outlining how they create accountability with hiring managers:

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