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Interview transcription is included in the Growth and Enterprise plans, and can be added to Pro and Scale plans for a monthly fee. It is unavailable for Lite and Legacy plans.


Regardless of the plan you are on, you will be able to have video library content transcribed, to provide your candidates with closed captions in intro and outro videos, as well as video questions and video messages. Learn more about this feature here.


To enable interview transcription, go to your Jobs list and click on Default settings, in the upper right corner. Please note that an administrator user will need to do this.


On the following screen, click on the Miscellaneous tab, and then on Enable interview transcriptions.


With this enabled, completed interviews will automatically generate a transcript of the candidate’s responses. These can be accessed from the Transcript tab while watching an 


In the event the interview was completed prior to enabling transcription, you will have a Transcribe button available, which will allow you to generate a transcript.


With a transcripted interview, you will have the ability to search, edit, and download the transcript.


Searching will highlight any matching words or phrases in the transcript. 


 If there are multiple instances of what is being searched for, you can jump to the next result by clicking on the up and down arrows to the right of the search field.



To clear the search field, and bring back the Download option, click on Cancel.

If you want to edit a line of text in the transcript, click on the Edit button.  This option will appear when hovering your mouse over the line of text. 

Here, you will also have the option to delete the line of the transcript.


When editing, there is a limit of 255 characters per line.  


After you’re done editing, click on Save to apply the changes. Or click on Cancel to keep the text as-is.  



If you want to download the transcript, click on the Download button, next to Search.


This will download a .txt file containing the interview transcript.

While watching the interview with the Transcript tab open, the transcript will auto-scroll along with the interview.  If you scroll away from the portion of the transcript accompanying the video playback, click on Resume auto-scroll to realign the transcript and video.


Clicking on a line of text in the transcript, or the question, will play the corresponding part of the interview.


Closed captions can be enabled during video playback by clicking the CC icon in the lower right corner of the video.

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