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Requesting References

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After you’ve created a reference survey, you can request candidates to provide references, which will trigger the reference survey to be sent to the provided references.


This can be done from the Interviews list as well as the View Interview screen, for an individual interview.


From the Interviews list, you can click on the request references action icon on an interview card to send a single candidate a request for references.

If you select multiple interviews, by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner of the interview cards, the request references bulk action icon will appear at the top of the Interviews list.


From the View Interview screen, click on the References tab, and select Request.


Please note that if requesting references from multiple candidates at the same time, the below step numbers will be one number higher, with the first step allowing you to confirm which candidates you’re requesting references from.

At the top of the following page, you will see how many candidates you have requested references for out of your total allotment for the month.  

Click where indicated to get in touch with a member of our team about increasing the number of available requests.


On step 1, you can set how many references you would like the candidate to submit and specify what information about the reference the candidate needs to provide.

These options include:

  • Phone number
  • Job Title
  • Relationship to Candidate
  • Company Name

The reference’s name and email address will be set as required and cannot be toggled off.

Once these are set, click Continue.


On step 2, you will need to specify the deadline by which the candidate(s) must provide their reference information.


By selecting Yes under Do you want to modify the email that will be sent to your candidate(s)?, you can adjust the email message, or select an email template that will be included in the reference request.

When this deadline is set, click Continue.


Step 3 overviews the following steps:

  • Selecting a survey for references to answer about the candidate.
  • Setting a deadline for the references to submit the survey by.
  • Previewing and customizing the email sent to the references.

Click Continue to proceed.


On step 4, you will be able to select which reference survey will be sent to the candidate’s provided references.


On this screen, you will have the option to

  1. Search your reference survey library for the survey you would like to use
  2. Add a new reference survey
  3. View the questions of an existing reference survey
  4. Adjust how many surveys load at a time
  5. Select the reference survey you would like to use by checking the box


Once the reference survey is selected, click Continue


Step 5 is where you can set the deadline by which the references need to submit their survey responses.

Once set, click Continue.


On step 6, you will be presented a summary of the request.


If everything is correct here, click Submit to send the reference request.

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