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One-Way Interview Troubleshooting

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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If you're experiencing technical difficulties with your One-Way Interview, please try some of these potential solutions as they resolve the majority of issues:

1. Close applications other than Spark Hire that use your webcam and microphone. These applications such as Zoom, Teams, Facetime, or your device's default camera app may interfere with Spark Hire's ability to leverage your webcam and microphone.

2. Utilize a newer web browser. The most recent versions of the following browsers are supported:
Google Chrome (For One-Way Interviews on Windows, MacOS and Android)
Mozilla Firefox (For One-Way Interviews on Windows and MacOS)
Safari (For One-Way Interviews on iOS)

3. Click the settings button on the bottom left of the video recorder to ensure you're utilizing the proper webcam and microphone.
You'll know you're using the right webcam when you can see yourself in the video recorder. You'll know you're using the right microphone when you see the mic meter turn green when you have the settings popup open. We also recommend playing back your video after you record it to ensure video and audio are working. Remember, you can re-record practice videos and on some questions if you've been given multiple takes.

4. Connect to a stable internet connection--an ethernet cable connection is preferred to wireless.

6. If you don't have a functioning webcam, you can use an iOS or Android mobile device to complete the interview. For browsers, iOS will require Safari, while Android will require Google Chrome.

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