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How should I brand the candidate experience?

Josh Tolan
Josh Tolan
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We always suggest that customers configure their branding on Spark Hire shortly after signing up, but it's important to note that this is not a technical pre-requisite for sending interviews.

So, we recommend starting with what you have easy access to.

  • Have your logo? Great, upload it.
  • Know your main brand color? Awesome, select it.
  • Got the links to your organization's social media profiles? Nice, add them.

Building out your baseline branding is helpful so candidates...

  • Go through a professional experience
  • Easily remember the job they applied for when they get the video interview invitation
  • Learn more about your organization

But...don't get caught up with perfection. We see some customers make the mistake of "waiting" to start using one-way video interviews until they have everything they want in place. It's good to know the "end game" you have in mind from branding, but it shouldn't stop you from getting value from one-way video interviews now.

If you're looking for a basic branding checklist, we suggest starting with...

Spark Hire Branding Checklist

  • Company Info and Social Links: Add your company's info and link your company socials This will appear on your interview invites for your candidates to learn more about you.
  • Add your logo: Your logo appears at the top of all your landing pages, emails, interview invites, and your interviews.
  • Brand color: Select a brand color that will change the color of some buttons and lines on your interview invites.
  • Photos and profile video: Add photos and a profile video to further personalize your interview invites.

Here's an example from a real customer, The Chicago Cubs, on what a fully branded experience looks like so you have something to strive for:


Lastly, if you have multiple brands you are working with, we do have the option to add multiple brands

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