Team Buy-In

Jason Brown

When implementing a new system, it is important that the team members buy into the change that is happening. If there is an understanding behind the why, and the team is involved in the process, then implementing a new system can be easy.

Share your success stories in team buy-in!

There are many benefits people see as they start utilizing the Spark Hire platform. Here are a few ways video interviewing can positively impact your organization's process:

  • Saves you time
    Video interviews allow you to be more time-efficient when it comes to scheduling and reviewing candidates.
  • Simplifies decision making
    Less back-and-forth for decision makers with streamlined feedback and review features.
  • Enhances candidate insight
    Better assess candidates early-on with pre-interview questionnaires and One-Way Interviews.
  • Improves collaboration
    Easily share interviews with colleagues, hiring managers, and clients and receive feedback using share links.
  • Eliminates scheduling
    One-Way Interviews take scheduling out of the equation with interviews that can be completed on the candidate's own time

Getting the team involved in implementation can be fun!  Have team members take part in creating video questions, intro/outro videos, and testing the interview process.  This lets everyone get a good handle on what the process will be like for your candidates as well as provides a more personal experience for your candidates.



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    Angela Johnson

    We have been able to save our recruiting team so much time on scheduling phone screens using Spark Hire. In the past, calendars would be filled with multiple hour blocks of back to back 15 minute phone screens. Now, there is time for our recruiters to have meaningful conversations with a shortlist of candidates they screened via Spark Hire. Our clients have even noticed that our speed to hire and quality of candidates have increased!


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