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Jason Brown

There are a lot of different ways that Spark Hire users utilize the platform. The various tools available allow HR departments and recruiters to efficiently, and quickly, learn more about candidates. We recommend experimenting with different processes to find which one works best for your company.

What approach have you found works well?

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Here are a few popular ones:


Use the One-Way Interview as a replacement for a phone screen. Collect first-round information on candidates such as past work experience and why they are interested in the company or role. Eliminate phone screen scheduling, reduce no-shows, and allow recruiters and hiring managers to connect with candidates faster than ever.

Technical Interview

Ensure your candidates are well versed in hard skills that will let them excel in the role you're interviewing for.  Recruiters and hiring managers love using One-Way Interviews to make sure candidates have the knowledge and experience necessary to move forward in the hiring process.

Panel Interview

Spark Hire's Live Interview is a great way to connect with candidates in real time! Invite other team members to join the interview in panel interviews that can host up to 8 people (including the candidate). 



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