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Jason Brown

September 2022 - SMS Text Message Interview Invitation Notifications

July 2022 - Candidate Experience - 40% reduction in the setup process / Single Sign On

June 2022 - Accessibility updates with an accessibility approval rating of 90% + - VPAT report 

April 2022 - User experience improvements/ Scheduler improvements (auto-approval) 

March 2022 - Advanced Pre-Interview Questionnaire , Live Interview Question Set Bookmark updates

January 2022 - Live Interview Question Set Import Functionality, Live Interview Bookmarks, Updated Interview Page Interface, Interview List Improvement, Email Template Permissions

November 2021 - Job List Updates & Live Interview Question Sets  

September 2021 - Interview Deadline Extension Automation & Job Location Flexibility

August 2021 - Multiple Branding Options - Leverage multiple brands to best tailor your candidates' experience.

July 2021 - Question Set Permissions  - Manage who can access certain question sets.

June 2021 - Live Interview updates - Panel interviewing is here! Now you can have up to 6 additional guests plus yourself and your candidate. 

April 2021 - Video Messaging update- This enables you to add multiple videos to create a playlist on a video message and attach a file to your video messages.

February 2021 - Video Requests - This update enabled clients to invite others to easily contribute videos to your library so you can use them as intro/outro videos, video questions, or in video messages.




  • Comment author
    Veronica Jones

    Is there a way to see a preview of the text message my candidates would receive with the sms update? Is it just the first message or are there also reminders about the interview?

  • Comment author
    Jason Brown

    While there isn't a way to preview the text message in-platform, a good way to see how it works firsthand would be to send yourself a test interview (using an email address different from that which you log in with).  

    The text message will read like this:
    "Hi [candidate name], [company name] invited you to a Spark Hire video interview. Check your email for instructions and next steps"

    Candidates will receive reminders via text message as well.


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