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Welcome to the Troubleshooting and Q&A section of the Spark Hire Community!

Here, you can find helpful resources around troubleshooting Spark Hire, request assistance from our Support Team, and even lend a helping hand to your fellow Spark Hire users.

Feel free to ask questions about how something on the platform works, how to resolve a problem you may be encountering, or any other questions about Spark Hire!

If you’re encountering an issue that requires immediate assistance, please submit a ticket to our Support team using this link: https://hire.li/support.  Our team will be happy to help!

For basic troubleshooting and technical requirements, feel free to check out our Help Center– chock full of Spark Hire know-how!

Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting

Compatible browsers, recommended connection speeds, and how to address error messages

Company-geared Help Articles

How to use the various features of Spark Hire as a company user

Candidate-geared Help Articles

How to use the platform as a candidate; completing interviews and managing settings




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