Jason Brown

As a best practice, we recommend giving candidates 5-7 days to complete the interview. This allows them time to do some research, fully prepare for the interview and complete the interview. It is, however, a short enough time to create a sense of urgency. If a deadline is too long a candidate might log out and forget to log back in to complete the interview. 

If you are using the Open Interview link you have the option of two types of deadlines, absolute and relative. The absolute deadline is an actual time and date. This works well if you are sending all your candidates their interview on the same day. As a best practice we recommend using a relative deadline. 

If you are sending your open interview link to multiple candidates over a period of time the relative deadline is the better choice. A relative deadline is a set amount of days. The clock starts ticking when the candidate accepts their interview invite. This ensure every candidate will have the same amount of time to complete the interview regardless of when you invited them.

What type and length of deadline are you using? 




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