Ease of Access

Jason Brown

Use the Open One-Way Link

Using the open one-way interview link is a great way to personalize the process and  keep communication consistent. With the open one way interview link, you can hyperlink your interview invite in your own emails. Candidates will easily recognize where it is coming from and will increase the likelihood of completion.

Device Options

Let your candidates know they can complete the interview either on their computer or on their cell phone. Some candidates might feel more comfortable recording themselves on their phone. We highly recommend mentioning this to your candidates so that they know about the different options for completing their interviews.


Access to any software can be challenging for candidate having certain disabilities. Spark Hire has made efforts for our platform to accommodate your candidates needs. Our website provides several methods, features, and policies that can help with access to interviews. Let all your candidates know about these features. You can read our full accessibility statement here

Technical Support

We have email 24/7 technical support for you and your candidates. Use and share this form to quickly submit a request. Your candidates will also be able to submit a support ticket from their interview.

How are you making your interviews easy to access?




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