Educating your candidates

Jason Brown
  • Edited
  • Outlining your process to candidates is your first opportunity to engage candidates in the hiring process. We recommend either having your process outlined on you website in the careers section or in an auto response email that gets sent to your candidates when the first apply. By outlining your process, your candidates will know each step of your hiring process and be able to prepare for each one accordingly. 

  • We have the Candidate Boot Camp on our website to help your candidates feel more confident about completing the interview and understand how it benefits them. Make use of the branded content Spark Hire offers to explain your business and give candidates insight into how your organization uses the video interview.

  • Inform your candidates where they can access their interviews. Tell your candidates where their interview is coming from. Let them know about our mobile apps option and 24/7 technical support if they have any issues. 

Comment, post, and share your examples of how you outline your hiring process for your candidates!




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