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How to set up the integration with CEIPAL

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Setting up the integration with CEIPAL

  1. Navigate to your CEIPAL integration settings page.
  2. Click Activate Integration.
  3. Your User API Key will be generated. Copy this key.
  4. Log into your CEIPAL account.
  5. Navigate to Admin Setup > Integrations > Interview Integrations > Spark Hire and click Assign.
  6. In the modal that appears, click on Add button to add the Spark Hire Account API Key and save it.
  7. Once saved, the configured Spark Hire Account can be assigned to a CEIPAL user. Please click on the first icon from the actions column to make an assignment which will enable the assigned user to initiate Spark Hire interviews.


Sending video interviews from CEIPAL

  1. Navigate to Job Postings > Expand > Submissions.
  2. Click on  the Submission record to pull up the Submission Snapshot.
  3. On the next page, click on the camera icon along the upper right and select “Spark Hire”
  4. In the following window, you will be able to set a deadline, select the question set for the interview, and add a message to the candidate (optional).
  5. Click Send.  The candidate will now be sent an interview invitation email through which they can access and complete their video interview.

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