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How do I bookmark part of a live interview recording?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Live interview bookmarking allows you to bookmark a section of the recording when you asked a specific question so you can quickly jump ahead to it.

If you have a live interview with no bookmarks, click the bookmark placeholder to add one.


When adding a bookmark, you'll enter a:

  • Question: This will be the label for the bookmark.
  • Start Time: Enter the start time for the bookmark as HH:MM:SS (each letter represents a digit for hours, minutes, and seconds respectively). For example, if you wanted the bookmark to start at 1 minute and 30 seconds into the recording, you'd enter it as 00:01:30
  • End Time: Enter the end time for the bookmark in the same format as the start time.


If you want to add more bookmarks, click Add bookmark.


If you want to modify the question, start time, or end time of a bookmark, simply click Edit under the bookmark.

If you want to delete a bookmark, click Delete under that bookmark.

Keep in mind, the bookmarks you create will be visible for everyone who has access to the interview including people you've shared this interview with externally (via a share link).

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