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What is the view interview page?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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On the View Interview page, you will be able to watch the candidate’s completed interview as well as collaborate and leave feedback on the interview.


In the upper right corner, you can access the Actions menu.


In the Actions menu, you can:

-Directly access the candidate’s profile

-Clone the interview

-Create a share link

-Download the interview (if on Annual Pro, Team, or Enterprise plans)

-Tag the interview

-Delete the interview


Beneath the Actions menu, you can see how the team has rated the interview as well as your own rating.  Here, you may also evaluate the interview, applying a Passed, Failed, or Undecided disposition.

Further down the page, you will find a series of tabs.  Here, you can navigate between watching the interview, viewing interview details, viewing the candidate’s resume (if submitted), sharing, and rating the interview.

From the Watch tab, you will be able to view the candidate’s submitted responses.


To navigate through the questions, simply click on the text of the question to the left of the video.


For Live Interview questions, you can edit the timestamp by clicking on Edit, setting a new start and end time, and selecting Save.

You can leave a star-rating and comment on the video response in the Rate Answer section, below the video.

You can discuss the answer with your team in the Discuss answer section.


For both the rating and discussing the answer, you can type @ along with a user’s name to mention them.  They will receive an email notification alerting them that you have.


From the Details tab, you will be able to access information including:

-Interview type

-Interview status

-Due by (One Way Interview)

-Scheduled at (Live Interview)

-Host (Live Interview)

-Interview creator

-Interview creation time


Within the Resume tab, you will be able to access the candidate’s resume (if they have submitted one), or upload one to the candidate’s profile if they have not submitted one already.


In the Share tab, you can create basic and advanced share links, as well as manage any existing share links for the interview at hand. (Advanced share links are available on the Pro plan and higher tiers)


The Ratings tab has two sections– Internal and external ratings.


Within the internal ratings section, you will be able to view the team’s average rating along with your own.


In the external ratings section, you can find feedback left by way of advanced share links.


The Miscellaneous tab will give you options for tagging the interview as well as downloading the interview (if on Annual Pro, Team, or Enterprise plans and you are an administrator user)

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