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How to set up the integration with PageUp

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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  1. Log in to your Spark Hire account
  2. Go to the Integrations page for PageUp within your Spark Hire settings
  3. Click Activate Integration

Configure the integration

Configure the API Key

Please contact your PageUp representative to acquire your PageUp Instance id, Data Center, Client id & Client secret. Once you have those, save them on this page.

Map Users

Link users between your Spark Hire and PageUp accounts based on who you want using the integration. This is how both systems know which person is taking integration actions.

To link users, simply select a Spark Hire user and change or confirm the email address within PageUp, then click Link Users.

Create Interview Packages

An interview package allows you to configure a series of variables once and trigger interview invitations using these variables through the integration. This consists of a Spark Hire Job, a Spark Hire Question Set, and an Interview Deadline and Package Name.  The package name will be used in PageUp when moving the assessment. When you’ve made your selections, click Create Interview Package

Using the integration

  1. When you move a candidate to the online testing application status and select the Interview Package set up in PageUp, this will trigger an interview invitation to the candidate.
  2. When the candidate completes the Spark Hire interview, a link to watch the interview will be added to the link section on the candidate history in PageUp.

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