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Navigating the job overview

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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From your list of jobs, click View Job to go to the job overview page.

The overview page provides a summary of the job along with some helpful actions.

Change the status of a job

To activate/deactivate a job, click the activate/deactivate button on the status tile.


Create/edit an open interview for a job

If you haven't created an open interview link for the job you're viewing, click Create Link in the open interview tile.


To edit the open interview link for the job you're viewing, click Edit in the open interview tile.

Editing a job

To edit a job, you can navigate between the following tabs to update information:

  • Details: The Details tab will allow you to view and edit the initial content candidates will see when clicking through an interview invitation (e.g. job title, location and description).
  • PermissionsThe Permissions tab will allow you to manage and edit user permissions for the job.
  • Intro and Outro VideosThe Intro and Outro Videos tab will allow you to view and manage the intro and outro videos that are applied to the job.
  • QuestionnaireThe Questionnaire tab will allow you to view and manage the questionnaire settings for the job.

Job Actions
At the top of the job overview, you'll see a dropdown list of actions which allow you to:

  • Change the job's status
  • Create/edit an open interview
  • Clone the job
  • Jump to the full interview list for the job
  • View analytics for the job

In addition, there's a Create interviews button which lets you start inviting candidates to interview for this job.


Interviews for the job

Lastly, at the bottom of the job overview, you can view a list of candidates for the job you're reviewing along with their current disposition for the job. From this list, you can click to view a candidate's completed interviews for that job, click their name to view/edit their candidate profile, or update their disposition for the job.

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