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How to set up the integration with JazzHR (Version 2)

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Connect Spark Hire and JazzHR

  1. Log in to Spark Hire
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > JazzHR V2
  3. Click Activate Integration. Copy your Spark Hire API Key. 
  4. Log in to JazzHR.
  5. Go to Settings > Integrations > Spark Hire
  6. Click Connect and enter your API key in the modal that appears. Then, click Save Credentials.

Set up Interview Packages
An interview package allows you to configure a series of variables once and trigger interview invitations using these variables through the integration.

  1. As an Administrator user, log in to Spark Hire.
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > JazzHR V2
  3. Click Configure Integration and then select Configure Interview Packages.
  4. Select a Spark Hire job, question set, interview deadline, and click Create Interview Package. Continue adding interview packages for each of your Spark Hire jobs or come back as needed.


If you don't see any jobs or question sets available, you'll need to create a job and create a question set.

In JazzHR

  1. Log in to JazzHR and go to Settings > Emails > New Email
  2. While you can choose whatever content you’d like, we suggest the following content. The purple text indicate merge fields in JazzHR so please double check these while setting up your email template.

    Template Name: Spark Hire Interview
    Subject: We’d like to interview you!

    Hi [applicant_first_name],

    Congrats! You’ve made it to the next round of our hiring process and we look forward to getting to know you better.

    We just sent an invitation to a one-way video interview on Spark Hire.

    The invite will come from Spark Hire (, but just to be sure you receive it, I’m also including it under my signature below.

    If you need any help with your Spark Hire interview, please email

    Thank you,


  3. Next, go to a job you want to use Spark Hire for. Click Edit Job > Workflow.
  4. Find the step of the workflow you’d like to include Spark Hire on and click Add > Assessment.
  5. In the modal that appears, select the email template you created (e.g. Spark Hire Interview).
  6. On the next screen, make sure Spark Hire is the chosen Assessment Provider and then choose the Interview Package you configured in Spark Hire under Assessment to Send. Click Add Assessment.


Using the integration

  1. When you move a candidate (or a group of candidates via Bulk Actions) to the workflow stage which includes Spark Hire, keep the box checked to send the Spark Hire assessment to the candidate(s).


  2. Click Confirm Status Change and the invitation will be sent to the candidate(s).
  3. When the interview is completed, you'll not only receive an email notification, but you can access the completed interview by going to the candidate in JazzHR, clicking on Assessments, finding the interview under Spark Hire, and clicking View Details.

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