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How to set up the integration with Bullhorn

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Using the integration between Spark Hire and Bullhorn, you’re able to:

  • Invite candidates to one way and live video interviews directly in Bullhorn
  • Watch and share video interviews in a single click from Bullhorn

Setting up the Integration:

  1. Contact your Spark Hire account manager to request the integration.
  2. Submit a ticket with Bullhorn Support to request the Spark Hire integration
  3. Bullhorn will reach out to Spark Hire and your integration will be configured.
  4. You'll be notified once your integration is configured and will be provided with instructions on how to get started.

Getting Started:

Once the integration has been configured, there will be custom tabs labeled Spark Hire on the job and candidate pages within Bullhorn.  These custom tabs are where all Spark Hire functionality will live. You can schedule one way and live video interview from the custom tab on either the job or candidate page.  You can review and share video interviews from the custom tab on the candidate page.


Process Steps:

  1. Open a job in Bullhorn and navigate to the custom tab labeled Spark Hire.  The candidates you have submitted to the job can be selected for a video interview here.


  2. Complete the interview details to send out a video interview invitation.  Keep in mind that you can invite as many candidates as you want for a one way video interview invitation but only one candidate at a time can be invited to a live interview.  When you click Submit, your candidate(s) will receive their invitation via email with further instructions for completing their video interview.


  3. You can view candidate's interviews in the Spark Hire tab on the candidate's record.  



  4. In addition, you can follow the highlighted steps to invite a candidate to a video interview directly from the custom tab on the candidate record.  You’ll notice that you need to select a job for the interview. If you select a Spark Hire job, it will use a job that's been previously created in Spark Hire.  If you select a Bullhorn job, it will create that job in Spark Hire when you send the interview invitation.  If the Bullhorn job in question lacks location details, the job created in Spark Hire will have a "Remote" locality rather than a specific location.


  5. When an interview is completed, the interview status will be updated to Completed and you’ll be able to review and share the interview.


  6. Clicking one of the questions listed will open the candidate’s video answer for that question.  For live video interviews, you’ll only see one link to watch the interview recording. The link next to Share this interview is the link you can copy and paste to share the interview with a colleague and/or client.



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