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How to set up the integration with Taleo Business Edition

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Using the integration between Spark Hire and Taleo Business Edition, you’re able to:

  • Seamlessly schedule one-way and live video interviews directly from Taleo
  • Review and share completed interviews with others in one click

Setting up the Integration:

  1. Confirm that the email address associated with your Spark Hire account matches the email address associated with your Taleo Business Edition account.
  2. Log in to your Spark Hire account
  3. Go to the Integrations page for Taleo Business Edition within your Spark Hire settings
  4. Click Activate Integration
  5. Your user API key will be generated which allows you to use the Taleo Business Edition integration.
  6. Reach out to your Spark Hire account manager to get detailed instructions on how to configure the integration in Taleo Business Edition.

Getting Started:


Process Steps:

Once the integration has been configured, you’re ready to begin inviting candidates to interview.

  1. Navigate to the Spark Hire Video Interview section of the full candidate view in Taleo. To create an interview, select the following information and click to create the interview.

    1. The active Spark Hire job the interview will be associated with
    2. Type of video interview you’d like to create (one way or live)
    3. Deadline for the one way interview OR date and time the live interview will take place
    4. Spark Hire question set you’d like the candidate to complete



  2. When the interview has been successfully created, you will see a confirmation message.


    When you refresh the page, you will also see the requested interview in the Requested tab along the top of the Spark Hire section.


  3. Once the candidate has completed the video interview, you will see the results under the Completed tab in the Spark Hire section.  To share the completed interview with people who do not have access to the TBE or Spark Hire platforms, copy and paste the link to “share this interview”.


    This will open the completed interview in a new tab and will not require the viewer to provide any login information.


  4. If you’d like to watch and collaborate on the interview in the Spark Hire platform, you can click on the link to “watch interview on Spark Hire”. 


    This will redirect you to the Spark Hire interview in a new tab.


  5. To watch the video responses directly in Taleo, click on the link for the question you’d like to watch.


    A modal containing the video recording will pop up for your review.


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