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How to set up the integration with SmartRecruiters

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Using the integration between Spark Hire and SmartRecruiters, you’re able to:

  • Customize the end-to-end candidate experience
  • Send video interview invitations from the candidate profile in SmartRecruiters
  • Access completed videos interviews in SmartRecruiters with the ability to watch or share in one click

Setting up the Integration:

  1. Get an Administrator user on your Spark Hire account to contact your Spark Hire account manager and request for the integration with SmartRecruiters to be activated.
  2. Your Spark Hire account manager will coordinate with you and the SmartRecruiters team to configure the integration.
  3. Download a copy of this Excel spreadsheet to create video interview Offers to be configured for your SmartRecruiters account.  Send the completed Offers worksheet to

    An Offer in SmartRecruiters will be a predefined interview experience that you will select when you want to invite a candidate through the integration. For example, you might have a different Offers (interview experiences) for different types of candidates.

    Offers consist of a Spark Hire job, interview questions, and a deadline for the interview (e.g. 5 days.) Once these are set up, it will take about 24-48 business hours for them to be available for use in SmartRecruiters.

Getting Started:


Process Steps:

Before using the integration, you’ll work with the Spark Hire team to configure Offers for SmartRecruiters. 

Once you have been notified that the Offers are active, you’ll be able to start inviting candidates to video interviews directly through SmartRecruiters.

  1. From the candidate’s record, select Video Interview under Assessments


  2. Select the Spark Hire Offer you want to use for this candidate and then send it out. This will send the invitation to the candidate and they will proceed to complete the interview on Spark Hire.



    You will view the assessment as Pending in SmartRecruiters until the candidate begins the process.  The video interview will then show as In Progress once the candidate has begun the video interview.


  3. When the interview is completed, the candidate profile in SmartRecruiters will be updated with a link that says See Result. Clicking this link will open the completed interview in Spark Hire.



  4. If you’d like to share the interview with another team member, click the Activity tab on the candidate profile in SmartRecruiters and you’ll find a link that you can copy and paste to someone else.



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