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GDPR - Information Requests

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If you are collecting information from EU residents, it is a requirement that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives EU residents the right to access the information that data controllers have about them. With regards to Spark Hire, this means EU residents can request access to information that businesses using Spark Hire have access to. 

To help you as a Data Controller, Spark Hire provides your candidates with the ability to request access to the information you have about them.

Viewing Information Requests

Here's how to review your information requests that come from candidates on Spark Hire:

    1. When a candidate requests their information from you, every Administrator on your account will be notified via email of the request. Keep in mind that you will be reminded of the information request every day for up to 30 days unless you take action.
    2. To review information requests, go to Settings > Information Requests.
    3. Find the information request on which you'd like to take action and click Review.


Responding to Information Requests

When you're reviewing an information request, there are a few items to note (see screenshot below.)

A - At the top of the page, you'll see the candidate's name and email address. This is how you should contact the candidate.

B - You'll see a table of all of the interviews you have with the candidate. If an interview is completed, you'll be able to click Watch to be reminded of which interview that is.

C - There are two buttons for you to take action on the request. If you Approve the request, you will then be given the ability to download zip files containing the candidate's interview(s) with you. If you Deny the request, the candidate will be able to see that you have denied their request so it is recommended that you reach out to the candidate to explain your reasoning.


Approved Information Requests

After you've approved an information request, your work is not done. It is now your responsibility to provide the candidate with access to the information.

To start preparing a zip folder containing the candidate's completed interview, click Start download


When the download is ready for you, this will update to Ready to download. Click this and the zip folder will immediately begin to download.


Now you have the information that you need to provide to the candidate, so we suggest reaching out to the candidate via email and agreeing to a method for how you're going to provide this information to them.




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