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GDPR - Deletion Requests

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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If you are collecting information from EU residents, it is a requirement that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR gives EU residents certain rights with regards to the deletion of their information.

However, since Spark Hire is a platform that is processing data related to employment, the decision on whether or not information can be deleted remains with you (the business and Data Controller) since every Spark Hire business customer has different recordkeeping rules and regulations they must comply with.

To help customers comply with the GDPR, Spark Hire has developed a way for candidates to request the permanent deletion of their interviews with you.

Reviewing Deletion Requests

Here's how to review your information requests that come from candidates on Spark Hire:

  1. When a candidate requests for their information to be deleted, every Administrator on your account will be notified via email of the request. Keep in mind that you will be reminded of the deletion request every day for up to 30 days unless you take action.
  2. To review deletion requests, go to Settings > Deletion Requests.
  3. Find the deletion request, you'd like to take action and click Review.


Responding to Deletion Requests

When you're reviewing a deletion request, there are a few items to note (see screenshot below.)

A - At the top of the page, you'll see the candidate's name and email address. This is how you should contact the candidate.

B - You'll see a table of all of the interviews you have with the candidate. If an interview is completed, you'll be able to click Watch to be reminded of which interview that is. You can also click Start download (will appear as Ready to download if the file is ready to be downloaded) to save the information before approving it for permanent deletion on Spark Hire. Keep in mind that the candidate is requesting you to permanently delete this information so this is not recommended unless you've consulted with your internal legal counsel and communicated with the candidate.

C - There are two buttons for you to take action on the request. 

If you Approve the request, you will be prompted to take multiple steps to confirm the decision. Remember, this is permanent and irreversible. You should only take action if you are authorized to do so.

If you Deny the request, the candidate will be able to see that you have denied their request so it is recommended that you reach out to the candidate to explain your reasoning.


Approved Deletion Requests

If you approve a deletion request, the candidate's information will be queued to be permanently deleted by Spark Hire in approximately 72 hours.


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