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Set up and authenticate the Google Chrome Extension

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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First, get the Spark Hire Google Chrome Extension in the Google Chrome Web Store. In order to start using the Spark Hire Google Chrome Extension, you'll need to authenticate.

  1. Go to the page in your Settings for the Spark Hire Google Chrome Extension.
  2. Click Activate Integration.
  3. Your User API Key will be generated. Copy this key.
  4. Click the Spark Hire Google Chrome Extension to open it and then click Authenticate now.
  5. Paste your Spark Hire API Key and click Save.

Important: When you authenticate and start using the Google Chrome Extension, you'll remain logged in at all times in the web browser you're using. If you want to disconnect the Google Chrome Extension, you can open it, click Settings, and click Disconnect. Keep this in mind for security purposes.

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